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Verizon Wireless Music Center: The Best Concerts where you would Least Expect Them

Indiana boasts great arenas and theaters for individuals to watch their favorite musical acts, but none can give audiences the same outdoor amphitheater concert experience quite like the Verizon Wireless Music Center. With a change in ownership, the theater changed its name from Deer Creek Music Center to the Verizon Wireless Music Center several years ago. The amphitheater is located a few miles off of State Road 37 in Noblesville, Indiana in a newly renovated commercial and residential district.

Verizon Wireless Music Center Aerial View

Verizon Wireless Music Center gives their audiences the feeling of freedom with the placement of the center. While it is in a newly renovated area, the center is not far from the ever popular corn fields and country roads of Central Indiana. The center looks almost as though it came up out of nowhere.

Verizon Wireless Music Center offers a variety of artists for audiences of all types. I have personally attended many concerts at the center including, Rascal Flatts, Nickelback, Jimmy Buffett, and Lilí Wayne. Like I said, everyone can find something they like playing in the summer months at the outdoor amphitheater in Central Indiana.

Make sure to arrive early to whatever concert you choose to attend, because sometimes the two-lane highway leading up to the center can become extremely backed up and congested. Donít worry about boredom from arriving early, many attendees come early and tailgate in the wide open fields used for parking. Food also wonít be an issue as Verizon Wireless Music Center offers many different types of food at the many food booths inside the venue as well as drinks of all sorts.

Concert-goers of all types will have the time of their lives at the Verizon Wireless Music Center watching the artists they love. Events return in the spring of †’11 and you can check out the upcoming concert schedule here.

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