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Southside Spotlight: Long’s Bakery

Located in my hometown of Southport, IN is the home of the locally owned Long’s Bakery. Known for their glazed yeast doughnuts, it will put any Dunkin’ Doughnut to shame. Freshly baked all day, you are guaranteed to have a melt-in-your-mouth yummy goodness.

Even though doughnuts are what they’re known for, Long’s also makes amazing cakes, brownies, and other pastries. I have fond memories from my childhood that involve going to Long’s and picking out a doughnut of my choice or going with my mom to pick up my specially decorated birthday cake.

Located on East Southport Road for the past 50 years, people have driven for miles to satisfy their cravings. So take a break from your diet, and make a trip to the south side of Indy to experience the best glazed doughnut you will ever have. Trust me, I know!

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