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The Birds: a NoExit Adaptation of a Classic

On Halloween, NoExit Performance Inc. put on an adaptation of Alfred Hitchcock’s The Birds at the Wheeler Arts Community, located in Fountain Square in downtown Indianapolis

“NoExit is a collaborative group of artists who strive to provide provocative theatre and educational experiences by utilizing found spaces and diverse texts for our global community with a vested interest in the youth of Indianapolis.”

This remarkable performance was adapted and directed by Ryan Mullins, and he had his hands full. Mullins managed to put on a successful show with a one set stage and only six cast members, who are all wonderful performers.

The single setting was inside the Brenner’s living room, which may sound constricting compared to the film version.  However, the direction of this play was wonderful and Mullins found a way to include almost everything.

This adaptation of The Birds didn’t actually use any birds, but instead incorporated sound. Sound isn’t usually a sense that is emphasized in plays, but it added something extra to the experience. When combined with the set of the play, the audience could feel the intensity of the attacks and felt trapped in that living room with the characters.

NoExit is a notable performance company that twists known works into something new and fascinating. Next up, NoExit is putting on the “Nutcracker” starting December 2nd. But this won’t be the holiday tradition you might expect. I don’t even know what to expect, but it is not recommended for children under twelve-years-old.

I highly recommend you attend some of NoExit’s upcoming shows.

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