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Lazy Saturday: Getting Cultured at the IMA

Indiana Museum of Art

Indianapolis Museum of Art

Saturday is the reward for a week full of hard work and stress. It’s a time to spend with your family, your friends, or by yourself. What I hate more than anything is a wasted Saturday. If I do nothing, I feel like I have squandered my only day of the week to do exactly what I want to do (Sunday is reserved for homework). So this past Saturday I did one of my favorite things, I spent the afternoon at the Indianapolis Museum of Art with my sister, Dana.

Earlier in the week, I had spent my Thursday evening at the museum on a “field trip” with my Tourism Marketing class and decided that I would return during the weekend. There is a lot to love about this beautiful place. The IMA is a quick five minute drive from Butler University, it is quiet, it is clean, there is delicious food at the Nourish Café, and one can’t help but feel just a little bit more cultured and refined by simply walking through the doors. I like to walk around as though I am extremely smart and have an exceedingly deep understanding of artists and history. I casually throw around terms like “impressionist, Picasso’s Blue Period, and Still Life” not entirely knowing what I am referencing. I can only assume that Picasso was fond of the color at one point in his career.  Needless to say, knowledge of art history is not required to fully appreciate and enjoy the IMA. You can enjoy walking around, being in awe of minds far more brilliant than your own, and maybe even learning something new. Weather permitting, be sure to stroll around the beautiful grounds, the green house, and the Lilly Mansion (if I had a nickel for every time I heard a girl proclaim, “I am getting married there!”…).

My sister and I started our afternoon at Nourish Café where I had the delicious Southwestern Wrap. There are a lot of options to satisfy every hungry museum visitor: there are soft pretzels and personal pizzas for the kids and a full bar for the adults. After lunch we headed to the Asian and Mediterranean sections, the Modern Art section, the African exhibit, the Fashion and Textiles exhibit, and my personal favorite, the American Indian room. The exhibit we didn’t check out was the Andy Warhol exhibit. We skipped this particular room because unlike the rest of the museum which has free admission, you have to purchase a ticket for the Andy Warhol showcase. This is the best part of the IMA; it is a cozy, personal environment which is free of charge if you wish to view the permanent exhibits.

I have been going to the IMA for years and even though I have probably seen everything 10 or 15 times, I never grow tired of the art, the atmosphere, and the peace that the museum provides. Even among hundreds of other patrons, it is possible to feel alone and have some time quiet time to think and appreciate the hard work and talent of artists. It is the perfect way to unwind and relax after a particularly stressful work week.

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