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Christmas at the Zoo and a Contest Too!

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  1. Micayla says:

    I’d love to go.. I went Saturday hoping to see the red pandas and I don’t think they are on display. 🙁

  2. Lisa says:

    I’ll bring my two little boys, we’ll walk around the zoo happily pointing at the animals all the while momma will be sipping her hot chocolate and Peppermint Schnapps to stay warm and toasty.

    Do you want to deny this momma her happy place?

  3. Jean_22 says:

    Christmas at the zoo would make this holiday season so much brighter. Times are rough and to be able to take my daughters (affectionately called Lady and Duchess) would be a treat that we otherwise wouldn’t be able to enjoy this year! Pick me!

  4. Micayla says:

    I’m just wondering if this contest is still on? Or did it get combined with “Post about a recent IN trip?”

  5. Looks like you left your comment on the actual photo page rather than the blog post page. We did select a winner for the Christmas at the Indianapolis Zoo giveaway. Thanks for contributing!

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