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Traders Point Creamery: Educationally Delicious

Traders Point Creamery is an all-organic farm located in Zionsville, IN – just 20 minutes northwest of downtown Indianapolis. On the vast farm land you can see about 90 Brown Swiss cattle and a good amount of free roaming chicken. Traders Point is known for more than just their farm, offering a variety of different organic products and a restaurant above their main barn.

When we drove up to Traders Point I was surprised to find that that noticeable smell you would figure to be associated with a farm was invisible. Being that this was one of my first times on a farm I was beyond thrilled of that!

We had a guided tour that brought us through the farm and boy was it beautiful!†Looking down from the hilltops you could†see the vast farmland below. The scenery was so fresh and alive. As we meandered through the farm, our guide educated us on the differences between organic and non-organic farms as well as what they were doing differently there at Traders Point Creamery.

During our tour we were able to pet the baby calves as well as see the huge cattle in the fields. At the end of the tour we sat underneath some trees as we taste tested a variety of the Traders Point products. From cheeses to drinkable yogurts, ice cream to chocolate milk all of them were exceptionally good. And coming from someone with an intolerance to dairy products I was very pleased to find that I could consume all of these organic products without a problem!

A trip to Traders Point Creamery is a definite must! I know Iím going back there for sure.

For more information about events, their restaurant, their farmers market or visiting Traders Point Creamery, visit their website.

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