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A Trip to Italy While in Fort Wayne, IN

Casa GrilleMy adventure in Fort Wayne started with a high at Takaoka and my roommateís family, as always, was as kind and hospitable as the majority of people I have met in Indiana have been (Check out my review of Takaoka here).† As the end of the weekend loomed and it was almost time to head back to Indianapolis I actually got a little sad about leaving, but before we hit the road for the short trip back to Butler, we went to one more place to eat.

Yes, another restaurant. I have always judged the success or failure of a trip based off of how good the food was when I was there and how badly I would want to go back to that city to get that food again. Well, I definitely want to go back to Fort Wayne. We ate at an Italian restaurant called Casa Grille that was just perfect.

Growing up my mom was the big Italian food fan. I always enjoyed it, but I generally would drift more towards seafood or soul food when we would go out in Tennessee. Usually when we would go out for Italian it was a chain restaurant, which I love, but arenít really unique because as their name says you can get that food anywhere.

Salmon CacciaCasa Gille was the first non-national chain Italian restaurant I have been to and it did not disappoint. I loved the atmosphere and the food was impeccable. It was, at least for me, the closest to authentic Italian food I have had in my life and I was in Fort Wayne! The servers were good – what one expects from a server who does his job – not spectacular, but far from bad. The breadsticks were really, really good and everyone loves good breadsticks. The salad was a salad, nothing special. For my entrťe I had the Salmon Caccia, which was so good. I donít usually order salmon, but I wasnít in a real pasta mood at the time so I ordered something healthy. Next time I am going for the biggest bowl of pasta I can get my hands on. The Salmon Caccia was really tasty; the salmon was cooked just perfectly it came on a bed of veggies, but I would get it again. My meal cost $14.99, so not too bad. I could not have been more surprised by my weekend in Fort Wayne, it was way more than I expected from this relatively little city. So if you find yourself in Fort Wayne or nearby, or if you know someone there but havenít got around to visiting them yet, get up and plan a trip there now because believe me when I say you will enjoy it. The people are great, the city is nice, and the food is super, so go there NOW!

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