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Boogie Burger, Worth Dancing For

Indianapolis’ small in-town neighborhood of Broad Ripple is packed with great places to eat, and Boogie Burger may be its crown jewel. If you’re on a diet you may be hard pressed to find a suitable meal here, but if you’re looking to indulge in one of the best burgers you will ever taste, “Boogie Burger” needs to be where you get your next dinner.

The small diner makes it feel like “Boogie Burger” is our little secret, but it is packed with Hoosiers who know better. It’s a good thing you can take your burger to go, or eat out on the adjacent patio.

The burgers are large, juicy, tender and awesome. The most popular burger, and my personal favorite, is the “Wild, Wild West Burger.” This mouth-watering giant is home to cheddar cheese, hickory smoked bacon, onion rings (no thanks for me), and BBQ sauce. There are many veggie options as well but I wouldn’t know anything about that.

Another portion of the meal that really sets “Boogie Burger” apart is the fries, which come in a delicious mass for you to enjoy. It takes considerably longer to battle your way through the paper bag of fries than it does the actual burger. The famous garlic fries, covered in garlic and parsley, are a must try as long as you bring some gum along with you.

“Boogie Burger” is amazing. If you live in Indianapolis there is no excuse for not going this weekend. It’s the weekend, go ahead, its okay to cheat on your diet.

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