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Screamtastic Indy ScreamPark

October 24th, a warm night in Indianapolis, I drove the 30 minutes to Indy SreamPark with two of my roommates. The park is located near Anderson Indiana, so it’s a bit of a drive from campus.† I am always skeptical about haunted houses because I am not as jumpy as a lot of people, and Iím always concerned that Iíll pay all of this money and wonít even be scared. I was pleasantly surprised, yes pleasantly.

We intentionally went on a Sunday night because it is considerably cheaper, and amazingly we also did not have to wait in any lines. It is only $20 on Thursdays and Sundays, and it is well worth the price.

There are five separate sections. The first one was a little psychedelic and required you to wear 3D glasses. The second one was a maze, which doesnít sound too bad, right? Well, itís pitch black and I was pushed to the front of the line. So, needless to say, I ran into a few walls. Make sure you put your hands out and follow the walls, but watch out for those pesky employees that jump out and yell at you. The third part was more creepy than scary, but the scenes in each room were really well done. All three of these are set up inside of a building, and the other two are outside. We did the inside parts first because the outside ones donít open until it is sufficiently dark. There is a corn maze outside, which was fun. We had one of the employees follow us all of the way through it, Iím not sure if they do that all of the time but he continued to freak one of my friends out the entire time. The last and, by my opinion, the best part of all five, is the very last one. Itís called Backwoods. Itís a path through the woods, and along the way there are what we called Ďtree ninjas,í who were hidden in the dark behind large trees and would jump out at you. There was also a series of small shacks that you had to walk through, which followed a creepy storyline (watch out for the guys with chainsaws!).

Overall, this experience was amazing. Make sure you come prepared to be scared! Also, there is a $5 fee for parking, so bring cash. You also have to pay cash to get into the park, but there is an ATM on site but it charges a small fee. There are also discounts if you buy your tickets online, which I would recommend.

I hope they scare your pants off!

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