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Shoals – A Great Addition to Your French Lick Getaway

Fall break wouldnít have been a break without a quick trip home, and now I can share all of my favorite spots with you! Although lodging options in Shoals are hard to come by, itís the perfect drive for anyone staying in French Lick. Only 16 miles away, this scenic drive may be one of the best in Southern Indiana. Curving through the hills and hollows, itís a perfect road for the driving enthusiast. Visit when the leaves start to fall for a real treat.

After your ride you may be feeling a little hungry, options are limited but all are delicious. Try stopping at Bo-Macís Drive-In if it hasnít shut down for the winter. Iíd suggest a milkshake or a cheeseburger; I swear itís the most delicious cheeseburger ever! If youíre in the mood for some home cooked meatloaf and mashed potatoes, try Velmaís Diner on Main Street. Pizza? Check out Fayís, where you’re likely to find Fay herself working.

Jug Rock

The Jug Rock when I was home for fall break.

Oh, and no need to worry about getting lost. Shoals has a population of around 800 people, no stoplights or fast food chains, and only two gas stations. If, by chance, you do get turned around, just stop anywhere for directions.

Now that your stomach is full, back to your drive! Head west on Highway 50 for approximately one mile and youíll see the Jug Rock on your right, the largest free-standing table rock in the United States that was once featured on Jeopardy. Also the mascot of Shoals High School, itís definitely worth pulling the car over for. Drive a little further and the overlook will be on your left, giving you a magnificent view of the East Fork of the White River.

Now off to Hindostan Falls, a settlement town that, as legend has it, was wiped out by disease. Although there are no remains left from the town, if the water is low you can still walk out on the flat rock where the mills were built. On your way back to town pull over at Spout Springs, they say once you drink the water youíll always come back for more!

The Overlook on a foggy morning.

The Overlook on a foggy morning.

Your day trip probably wonít include any souvenirs to take home but you will have some beautiful photos to show your family. If you arenít sick of driving yet visit Dover Hill, one curve for each letter of the name. Then come back around on County Farm Road, a.k.a Rollercoaster Road, itíll be sure to turn your stomach and be a great end to your Martin County drive!

Itís definitely a day trip that will relax your mind and prepare your body for some more gaming when you get back to French Lick!

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