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BARcelona Tapas: The Art of Sharing

The facade of BARcelona Tapas Restaurant

Sitting bright and proud on the corner of Delaware and East Ohio streets, one will find BARcelona Tapas Restaurant, an exotic yet casual dining experience. A perfect match for advanced taste buds but also for those who like a little bit of everything, hence the non-traditional food delivery and encouragement to share plates.

Speaking of sharing plates, Tapas-style service simply means that each item you order is prepared by chefs to be brought out one at a time, not all together. Most of the plates are also quite small portions, so groups of three, four or more are urged to order a wide array of dishes in hopes of pleasing each guest. And don’t get me started on the Sangria!

A few friends and I recently visited BARcelona Tapas and really enjoyed ourselves. You’re immediately greeted at the door by a smiling hostess who whisks you away to your table. The slightly dim lighting sets the ambiance of a swanky bar but the decorations make you feel as though your back in 18th century Sevilla. Bright oranges, reds and yellows set the backdrop to old Spanish paintings and ornaments.

Our waitress recommended ordering off the Tapas menu so of course we followed suit. Before we could say Sopas Y Ensaladas we had pitchers of red and white Sangria floating to our table. As we enjoyed the fruity drinks, our first course arrived; Ensalada De Espinaca aka, spinach, goat cheese and raisins. We shared the salad and enjoyed funny conversations and before we knew it, there was another course on our table; Alas De Pollo, or, garlic pepper chicken wings with sherry mayonnaise. Ten minutes later another course, then another. Soon our table was filled with little samplings and everyone not only sharing their meals, but their thoughts on each unique dish.

My group ended up being at BARcelona Tapas for over two hours and in that time span, we had become very close with our waitress. Unlike other restaurants wanting to kick college students out once closing time nears, she genuinely enjoyed our company and we equally enjoyed her service. BARcelona Tapas isn’t just somewhere to have dinner, it’s a dining experience; a great start to a night out, a celebration, a reunion with friends. This one-of-a-kind restaurant located in the Mass Ave district of Indianapolis has quickly rose to the top of my list for those exact reasons.

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