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This Isn’t Your Everyday, Ordinary Deli.

Looking for an experience and food while in Indianapolis’ hip in-town neighborhood of Broad Ripple? Well guess what, you are in luck! Take a stroll down the strip and I bet you’ll notice a clock shaped like a bagel. It is there you will find a food joint that is a must try. The Ripple Bagel & Deli is a must go for a Butler student or anyone wanting to get the true feel of Broad Ripple. This small, but full of energy deli will make you realize what the village is all about.

When you take a look at the three large chalk boards full of different types of steamed bagel “sandwiches” , the choices might seems overwhelming (Menu). However, that is all part of the experience. On your first stop in, expect to spend some time memorized by the atmosphere and the plethora of choices.  But don’t worry, they simplify your decision by organizing the bagels by meat type or veggie.

With all the choices, you will have a hard time finding a favorite. It also gives you the fun of trying something new each time (Trust me, you will be back). And who can turn down the fun of ordering something called  Tape Your Ankles, The Tonya Harding Club, Peyton’s Pigskin, and many other creative titles. I’ll give you a little tip though, make sure you have enough napkins. It can get messy, but who’s scared of a little mess?

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