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Wild Ocean 3D Packs Ocean-Sized Punch

Wild Ocean 3-D Poster

The movie poster for Wild Ocean 3-D.

When I think about the IMAX Theater at the Indiana State Museum, I think of the giant theater I used to go to on field trips when I was in elementary school. Now that I am an adult, I figured the IMAX experience would not fascinate me as much as it did when I was eight years old. But after seeing “Wild Ocean 3D” last night, I can honestly say I felt the same:

  • Excited
  • Anxious
  • Curious
  • Shocked
  • Amazed
  • Delighted

“Wild Ocean 3D” takes you to the coast of South Africa, where billions of sardines migrate each year. With the sardines come beluga whales, sharks, bottle-nosed dolphins, gannets, and seals. The film chronicles how these creatures interact while the migration occurs up the KwaZulu-Natal Coast. It also highlights how the people living on the coast anticipate the arrival of this food source and their attempts to protect this invaluable ecological resource.

The most incredible aspect of the documentary was the underwater cinematography. The shots take you into the middle of the sardine pack as it travels through the ocean. You feel up close and personal to the dolphins and sharks as they prey on these fish. Paired with the awe-inspiring panoramic shots of the African coast, the movie is breathtaking. The floor to ceiling IMAX movie screen is the ideal showcase for the incredible film.

Butler Students at the IMAX

Our group at the IMAX screening.

I would definitely recommend this movie to anyone. It is the perfect family-friendly film to teach children about the ocean as well as entertain the adults. As a college student, it is difficult to find amazing entertainment at a reasonable price. The IMAX theater is the perfect option to fit my life.

For more information on this documentary or the IMAX theater, visit  IMAX Indy.

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