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The Headless Horseman rides again at Conner Prairie!

The Headless Horseman event comes around once a year at Conner Prairie.† Every October he comes to visit, startling visitors of Conner Prairie as they enjoy a hayride through the woods and grounds, decorated for the season.† It will run 10 nights this year, Oct 15-17, 21-24, and 28-30.

I’ve never been to the event before but I’m going this year and I canít wait!†† Iíve lived in the area my entire life and never been out to see Conner Prairie dressed up for†the season or ridden the hayride.† However, Iíve heard nothing but great things about it and Iím excited to see it for myself.† Iím planning to take my younger brother–who’s 13–and maybe my boyfriend.

There is plenty to do at the Headless Horseman event†in addition to†the hayride.† For families with smaller children, Conner Prairie offers crafts, Rhythm and Fun with Bill Bailey, a showing of the Disney movie The Adventures of Ichabod and Mr. Toad, several different food options, Animal Encounters, and a puppet show and storytelling which†will go on throughout the evening.

For the older kids, teens and college kids who want to check it out, there are scary programs that include special effects movie make-up, creepy animals, and paranormal investigators, each featured†on different days during the event.† There will also be an all-knowing Mystic, a caricature artist, face painting and plenty of food choices.† My younger brother is super excited about the scary movie make-up since†he wants to be a creepy zombie for Halloween, of course.† Iím particularly interested in the ghost hunters since Iíve never met any before.

A Scare-o-ke tent is open for both older and younger children to sing favorite spooky songs and listen to others give†it a†try,†in addition to various contests throughout the evening led by the DJ.† Attached to the Scare-o-ke tent will be a Glow Tent, lit with black lights where guests can discover a new world in the dark.† Iím personally most excited about the Scare-o-ke and glow tent.† I think they sound like†a LOT of fun and will probably be a huge hit!† Not to mention Iím going to try to get my boyfriend up there to sing with his awesome voice and outgoing personality.† Also available for all age groups will be balloon rides on Conner Prairie’s†1859 Balloon Voyage, weather permitting.

Though the highlight of the evening at Conner Prairie will be the much anticipated hayride and appearance of the Headless Horseman himself, there will be plenty to do all evening and lots of fun to be had.† The admission gates are open each night from 6-9pm and most activities will last until 10pm.† The historic areas of Conner Prairie are not open during the event due to most of the property being utilized for the hayride.† However, the Apple Store will be open until 10pm, Animal Encounters will be open until 7:45pm, Lenape Indian Camp will be open for storytelling until 10pm and the playground will be open until 7:30pm for children with adult supervision.

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