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“Champps” of different feathers should flock together

Champps is the place to be for OSU fans, and people who enjoy food

Anyone who has been in downtown Indy has seen “Champps”, a sports-themed  restaurant located right inside the Circle Centre Mall. With plasma TVs lining the walls in every direction, it is a great place to catch the game, or ten of them at once. Having gone several times, for specific sporting events or otherwise, I have been treated to a party in my mouth. As a college student and sports fan, I fall into one of their ideal demographics, but it occurred to me that “Champps” is missing out on many more customers. Or in my opinion, many potential customers are missing out on “Champps”.

“Champps” is not just for sports fans! Just by skimming their menu, you will see that it offers a far superior variety and quality than your average sports bar. This is a full-fledged restaurant that happens to have a lot of TVs with sports on. Don’t believe me? Check out this menu.

Just this weekend I went there with a less than enthusiastic sports fan, and I could not tell you a single game that was played that night. Not once did she even glance at the TVs, and for once, neither did I. The theme was irrelevant, the only thing that mattered was the food, which to be frank, was frickn’ awesome. I have yet to have a better burger in Indiana, outside of “Boogie Burger” in Broad Ripple, but that is a much different environment.

Now, when there is a big sporting event being televised, there may be a rowdy clientel on the edge of thier seats. If you are not of a sports feather, Sunday may not be the day to flock to “Champps”, but for the most part, “Champps” is perfect for just about everyone that enjoys eating food. With its reasonable prices, there is no reason to try.

I do not recommend establishments left and right, I am known to tear places apart. However, “Champps” has not given me a single reason to do so. It is one of my favorite restaurants in Indy and you will probably see me there when you go. If you don’t like it, come by my table,  I’ll pay for your meal.

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