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Not “Just” a Haircut

Zach from "Just Hair" working his magic

In desperate need of a haircut and stranded in the heart of downtown Indy, I ventured to a place I thought no man ever dare enter: a hair salon. “Just Hair”, located at 133 E. Ohio St., welcomed me into its beautiful salon with professional hair stylists (unlike the old guys who cut the back of my neck with razors back in Boston).

At first dismayed by the prices that exceeded my usual terrible haircut from home, I soon realized why “Just Hair” won “Best Hair Salon 2010” from Instead of a rushed once a month necessity, I was brought on a journey of luxury. During my massage, I felt the tingling and cleanliness on my scalp that can only be understood through experience. When my Hair Goddess finished, I was able to behold the best looking version of myself I have ever seen, which unfortunately still isn’t a great sight. As the old guys back in Bean Town say to me “Sorry, we can fix the hair but we can’t do anything about that face…” At “Just Hair” they did more than fix my hair, they made is so much better my mom almost collapsed when she saw it. After years of her yelling at me for my hair “being a mess”, she couldn’t believe her baby actually looked presentable.

As I was leaving “Just Hair” a different man, I was told I can come back in two weeks for a FREE touch up! Is this heaven you ask? No, “Just Hair”.

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