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Christmas all Summer? Sounds Good to Me

The Voyage is the #1 wooden roller coaster in the world!

Indiana summers are known for being a bit humid, but there is one place in Indiana where there is always a certain December chill in the air. Holiday World, located obviously in Santa Claus, Indiana, offers visitors a rare taste of cheerful holidays and joyful fun even in the hottest temperatures.

Holiday World boasts some of world’s top amusement attractions. The Voyage is the #1 wooden roller coaster on the planet and The Raven has been featured on PBS and the Discovery Channel. For the not so experienced coaster lovers, The Howler allows youngsters to still experience the coaster culture at Holiday World.

The Raven has been featured on PBS and the Discovery Channel!

After all that fun in the air on the coasters, you’ll be ready to experience Holiday World’s amazing water park. With over fifteen water rides, Holiday World is home to one of the best water parks around. The new Wildebeest was named the World’s Longest Water Coaster, with over one-third of a mile of twists and turns. These water rides will leave riders wanting to go again and again!

Holiday World really does have something for everyone. If roller coasters and water rides are not your thing, there are also other forms of entertainment in the form of shows and entertainment. Seven different shows give everyone a chance to see exactly what their looking for. From a show featuring competitive divers to a performance featuring country music, all park-goers will be pleased.

The Wildebeest is the longest water slide in the world!

With all of this entertainment in one place the tickets have to be outrageous, right? Wrong! Tickets for one-day admission range from $29.95 for seniors and children to $37.95 for adults. For easy access to print-at-home tickets visit the ticket section of Holiday World’s site.

For all those holiday lovers this is the perfect place to experience the holiday spirit, while having a great time in the sun!

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