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“Wild Ocean”: Experience Africa’s Southeast Coast

The IMAX, located in the Indiana State Museum at White River Park, in downtown Indianapolis is easily accessible either by street or highway. Known for its six story tall and 84 foot wide screen, movie viewing there is unlike anything else you’ve ever experienced.

Walking into this state of the art facility, nothing could have prepared me for the viewing of IMAX’s new 3-D movie, “Wild Ocean.” The annual migration is captured in its genuine nature, nothing altered, exactly as if you were there experiencing it yourself. The producers bring audiences to new levels and depths between Earth and sky. You literally feel like you are there.

For any child that has ever dreamt of swimming with dolphins, they will love the closeness experienced in this movie. Africa’s southeast coast is breathtaking, with its plummeting cliffs and sparkling beaches. Growing up near the beach, this movie made me want to go home and jump in the ocean badly. Not once did I think about the time that had gone by or how much was left. Each vivid clip of either schools of fish or Africa’s locals kept me wanting more.

And if all that doesn’t draw you in, IMAX has now begun a new complimentary parking system so you don’t even have to pay for parking anymore!

“Wild Ocean” it a definite must see! For more information visit

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