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Indy’s Fountain Square Full of Hidden Secrets

Post Secret

Checking out the exhibit's secrets

Living in Indianapolis the past three years, I haven’t spent a lot of time in Fountain Square on the southeast side of Indianapolis. I know people who go swing dancing there every other Friday night or play Duckpin Bowling at the theatre. However, on this particular Saturday in September, I spent the whole day discovering the hidden secrets of the retro cultural district with a good friend.

Our first stop was the Indianapolis Museum of Contemporary Art. Less famous than Indy’s more popular Indianapolis Museum of Art, but not lacking in beautiful pieces. Probably one of Indy’s best kept secrets, the quaint gallery features one exhibit at a time and switches out art every few weeks. Best part? Admission is free. The casual atmosphere is very relaxed and you can come and go as you please. I didn’t feel as if someone was eyeing me constantly to make sure I didn’t touch anything.

Indianapolis Museum of Contemporary Art

Indianapolis Museum of Contemporary Art

I visited the museum for the Post Secret exhibit. For those of you who do not know, Post Secret is a popular collection of secrets that people send anonymously to one man in Maryland. He then publishes the secrets in books and puts on exhibits around the country. It is an incredibly moving initiative that connects young and old alike.


There's lots of odd treasures at this antique shop!

After we left iMOCA, my friend suggested we make an impromptu stop across the street to the antique shop. She was searching for an antique pin of her sorority. Wow, this visit to the Indianapolis Downtown Antique Mall ended up to be more than just a hunt for a little piece of Greek history. We spent hours searching through (and laughing at some!) the shop’s hundreds of artifacts.  Among our favorites were old bottles of Windex with some of the blue cleaner still inside, salt and pepper shakers shaped as purple grapes, and glass cases full of flashy and colorful jewelry. The shop owners were so nice and completely okay with the fact that we were obviously not going to buy anything. I think they enjoyed listening to us giggle about some of the odd antiques.

Indianapolis is full of hidden secrets like iMOCA and the Indianapolis Downtown Antique Mall. I just wish I had checked out these places sooner.  There are six cultural districts and I’m really only familiar with a few. My next stop? Mass Ave.

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