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Heritage Fair is the Kick-Off for Fall

Fall brings with it some expected changes like cooler weather, changing leaves, and apple cider. If you travel through Pendleton, Indiana on the weekend after Labor Day, you’ll realize that the end of summer brings one more thing: the Heritage Fair.

Heritage Fair Tents in Falls Park

Heritage Fair Tents in Falls Park Inside Heritage Fair Tents

The Heritage Fair, sponsored by the Century and Half Club, is a two day long arts and crafts fair filled with vendors selling homemade foods and produce, decorations, home goods, and knick-knacks. Set along the historic streets of Pendleton and in the beautiful Falls Park, the fair is the perfect way to spend a great weekend outdoors.

The Heritage Fair boasts a wide array of items to satisfy the wants of many different customers. From the customized iron designs from a local welder and blacksmith, to the produce from a local organic farmer, to the hand-stitched quilts… the fair boasts a unique collection. Visitors can also snack on items like homemade strawberry shortcake, kettle corn, and taffy.

The Heritage Fair is always the Friday and Saturday after Labor Day.

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