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Broad Ripple Home Tour

2010 Broad Ripple Historic Home TourSaturday’s Broad Ripple Historic Home Tour is coming up quickly. Hosted from 10-6 on Saturday, September 25th, the tour showcases 10 different houses in Indianapolis’ historic Broad Ripple neighborhood, only about 6 miles north of downtown. In the six years that the Broad Ripple Historic Home Tour has been going on, 57 different homes have been featured in the relatively small neighborhood between the respective northern, eastern, southern and western boundaries of the White River , Evanston Ave., Kessler Blvd. and Meridian St.

The tour features mostly small historic homes – many of which were built by solidly middle class residents (bus drivers, teachers, etc) in the early to mid-1900s. The organizers of the event use census records to research each of the homes featured during the event. In fact, if you take the tour, you’ll hear in-depth information about the history of the home and you might even find out about some of the homes’ previous owners.  My wife and I went on the tour a couple years ago and toured one of the smallest houses in Broad Ripple. It was originally a summer cottage – built as a getaway from the hot city in the summer time.

The tour will run rain or shine and costs $10 in advance (purchase online) or $12 on the day of the tour (purchase at houses 1, 2, 9 or 10)

Here are the 10 featured homes as well as a map below with their locations:
2010 Broad Ripple Historic Home Tour Map

  1. 6511 Riverview Dr.
  2. 6060 Park Ave.
  3. 6007 Broadway St.
  4. 5946 Guilford Ave.
  5. 6130 Guilford Ave.
  6. 6112 Haverford Ave.
  7. 6026 Haverford Ave.
  8. 6017 Indianola Ave.
  9. 1315 Kessler Boulevard East Dr.
  10. 5957 Norwaldo Ave.

Broad Ripple was founded 1837 by Jacob Coil and has a rich history of agriculture  (there used to be a lumber mill, grist mill and flour mill in Broad Ripple) and as a summer getaway for wealthier people living in the city. Many homes north of the canal were built as summer residences to help people get away from the city during the hot summers.

During the 1950s, streetcars ran from downtown to the suburbs on College Avenue and made stops at 49th, 52nd and 54th streets and helped spur on commercial development at those corners. Now, nearly 60 years later, you’ll find some of the coolest shops and restaurants in the area at those corners. From Luna Music and Taste Cafe to Recess and the Upland Brewery Tasting Room, there’s plenty to see on your way to the Broad Ripple Historic Home Tour.

Check out the Broad Ripple Historic Home Tour’s website for more information.

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