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“Wild Ocean” in IMAX 3D: A Dream For Viewers, A Nightmare For Sardines

Everyday at lunch, give thanks that YOU are not lunch.

Tonight I viewed “Wild Ocean” in IMAX 3D, and I walked away with an overwhelming gratitude that I do not have to live life in constant danger of being eaten. The stunning visual spectacle that is “Wild Ocean” was not without shortcomings, but if you are a fan of the ocean, documentaries, or big screens with stuff looking like its jumping out at you, you will love this film.

“Wild Ocean” is set on the South African coastline, known as the “Wild Coast”. The most interesting part of the film for me was the culture of the human inhabitants of the coast. We witnessed rituals that have been practiced for thousands of years, and the inspiring simplicity of life that works hand and hand with nature.

The underwater footage was at times truly amazing, it is not everyday that sharks appear to swim right at you, hopefully. However, the underwater footage was repetitive and consistently murky. The quantity and quality of footage does not compete with that of the Discovery Channel’s programs such as “Planet Earth” or “Life”, but with IMAX 3D at its disposal “Wild Ocean” approaches mastery in its visual prowess.

I highly recommend “Wild Ocean” for fans of fishies, and moderately recommend it to anyone else. For many parts of the film, you will be blown away by the stunning filmography, and warmed by its humor and charm.

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