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The lakes of Brown County

Iíve heard that the dry August/September we have†experienced throughout most of Indiana†may impact the vibrant colors of the fall foliage.† While Brown County may be the go-to spot for beautiful autumn scenery in the Hoosier state, donít let what may be lackluster leaves stop you from making a trip to Brown County State Park this fall.† The park is known for its gorgeous vistas overlooking rolling hills, but be sure not to miss the scenery provided by the parkís two lakes, Strahl and Ogle. The lakes were developed in the 1920s and 30s by the Veteranís Civilian Conservation Corps Company.

Ogle Lake

While relatively small, both lakes are the perfect size for a fun hike around their shores.† Trail 6 completely encircles Strahl Lake, and 7 surrounds Ogle. These trails provide two of the easier hikes in the park because they are relatively flat.††This makes them a†good choice if youíre hiking with young kids (like I do).† When we hiked Trail 7 a few weeks ago, we particularly enjoyed having a snack and taking in views of the calm water from a picnic table about halfway around the lake.† There is also a playground next to the parking lot at the trailhead where little ones can burn off the rest of their energy before getting back in the car. (Or, better yet,†build up an appetite for fudge and candy apples in nearby Nashville!)

Brown County State Park is accessible by two entrances, both located off of State Road 46.† Cost is $5 for in-state vehicles, or $7 for out-of-state vehicles.† Fishing is permitted on the lakes, but a license is required.

Photo courtesy of the Indiana Department of Natural Resources.

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