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Don’t miss this sweet spot, by gum(mmies)

After my recent airborne experience at the Gary South Shore Air Show, the family and I enjoyed another experience that had our taste buds flying high.


The Albanese Candy Factory is located in Merrillville, Indiana.  A family-owned business for more than 25 years, Albanese is known for its World Best Gummies.

We’re not just talking gummi bears. The Albanese Candy Factory makes gummi worms, gummi butterflies, gummi rings and even gummi army guys and jet fighters. The company also makes gourmet chocolates and fresh roasted nuts.

But Albanese Candy Factory is more than just a place to buy candy. Visiting there is a bit like visiting Willy Wonka’s. Ok, there are no singing little people, but they do have an amazing chocolate fountain:


We took the self-guided tour, which is a quick trip across the back of shop where video monitors and windows that look onto the factory floor describe how the gummies are made. Guided tours for groups of 12 or more are also available.


The best part of the tour is, of course, the free samples at the end (though I imagine you can sample without touring). Can’t imagine what a mango or pineapple or lemon meringue gummi bear might taste like? Just ask for a taste! Same goes for the chocolates. Sold by weight, you can get quite a bit of candy for a reasonable price ($2.49 for a pound of variety fruit flavored bears).



In addition to gummies and chocolates made by the company, the store has a seemingly endless supply of other candies available for purchase. An easy drive right off Interstate 65, the Albanese Candy Company makes the perfect stop on the way to or from Chicago.

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