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Fair Oaks Farms: A Moooving Experience

Last week I visited Fair Oaks Farms with my colleague Jaime to experience a day trip there. This is the second post in a two-post series about our trip.

Mama Cow cleaning her calf in the Birthing Barn.

The most extraordinary part of my Fair Oaks Farms adventure was the birthing barn. About 80 calves are born at Fair Oaks daily, and Jaime and I were lucky enough to witness one of them. The cows are kept behind glass in a birthing stall while visitors sit on bleachers to view this miracle of nature. Although the birthing process can take a couple of hours, Fair Oaks has a great stoplight system outside the barn to alert visitors when a calf’s hooves or head is starting to appear.

This is not your everyday entertainment but it is an experience you may never have anywhere else. Seeing the birth process and the cow begin cleaning her calf afterwards was sweet and touching and of course the calf was adorable!

After touring and watching the birth, we had to stop at the Cheese Factory before we left. Here you can see gourmet cheeses being made and packaged, sample any of their varieties and take home your favorite. We tried two of their specialties, Sweet Swiss and Aged Gouda, and both were delicious! Even if you can’t make the trip, you can purchase their award-winning cheeses online.

There is also a small cafe inside the Cheese Factory where I had the best grilled cheese I’ve ever tasted for lunch. Made with Sweet Swiss, the sandwich was a fantastic reinvention of a classic. You can also buy their milk or chocolate milk to have with your lunch. And you definitely want some farm-fresh ice cream for dessert! My chocolate milkshake was rich and creamy and so thick that it would barely go through the straw. Yum!

If you visit in the fall, plan your trip around Cowtober fest, which begins on October 1 with a 10K race, bands and food. A corn maze, wagon rides and other fall activities will be offered throughout the month.

Fair Oaks is fun for kids of all ages!

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