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Free is key at Holiday World

If you are at all familiar with Holiday World and Splashin’ Safari, the fabulous amusement theme park in southern Indiana, you probably know that they offer guests free soft drinks all day long. You might even remember that they also offer free sunscreen in both the water park and now in the amusement park, too. But on a recent visit to the park at the invitation of Director of PR Paula Werne, I learned that “free” doesn’t stop at soft drinks and sunscreen.

Other free things you’ll find when you visit include:

  1. Free parking and free shuttle service from outlying parking lots.
  2. Free photos/e-postcards. Look for the wandering photographers. Have your picture snapped, then go online with your individual code the next day to view and download your picture at no charge. (See our picture below.)
  3. Free iPhone app with a “you are here” feature, a friend finder for others in your group using the app, and access to the park’s YouTube and Twitter feeds, among other things. Visitors who don’t have an iPhone can find much of the same functionality on the park’s mobile site,
  4. Free use of life jackets for kids 90 pounds and under in Splashin’ Safari.
  5. Free inner tube usage at Splashin’ Safari.
  6. Free hand sanitizer, conveniently located at or near park food venues.
  7. Free coffee at Kringle’s Cafe.
  8. Allergen-free menu. Families who need to pay attention to food allergies will be pleased to know that pre-packaged food free of the eight most common food allergens are available at several restaurants at Holiday World.
  9. Free “Phone Find” which reunites lost parents with their children by calling the cell phone number on the child’s wristband.

Including the free soft drinks and sunscreen, that’s 11 free things just waiting for you at Holiday World and Splashin’ Safari! Now all you have to do is find some free time on your calendar and go see for yourself.

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