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Residence Inn Fort Wayne Southwest a Comfortable Stay for a Family of 5

I was able to spend a short weekend in Fort Wayne, thanks to the generosity of the Fort Wayne Convention and Visitors Bureau, and the Residence Inn Fort Wayne Southwest.

I took my family all 5 of us up to the Summit City for a chance to see a Tin Caps ball game, visit the Fort Wayne Children’s Zoo, and to eat dinner at an Irish pub. Of course, we had to sleep somewhere, and the Residence Inn was the best choice for us. It was close to the relatives we were visiting, near the highway, and best of all, comfortable.

After a hot night at Parkview Field, we walked into our room, and nearly froze (which if you felt like we did at that moment, was awesome. Of course, it backfired later when I woke up shivering). The room, like all the rooms at the Residence Inn are one bedroom suites, which are perfect for the long-stay traveler, or the family of five who are no longer hauling around babies.

We were able to stick the two girls on the pullout sofa, and our son sacked out on the sofa cushions on the floor. (Hey, don’t complain, he actually liked it.) If I had one complaint, it’s the queen bed in the bedroom. I’m not really a queen bed-sized guy, but for my smaller fellow travelers, it’s just right.

And if you’re a computer geek power user like me, you’ll appreciate the in-room high-speed Internet, with both wifi and wired choices. I chose the wired, because it had a nice bouquet and slightly copper aftertaste — that, and it was late enough, I didn’t feel like messing around with passwords and all that.

We even managed to sleep in. The hotel was quiet, even though there were a lot of people staying that night, so either they were all very polite (not likely), or the hotel is better built than most others. All in all, restful sleep in a comfortable and spacious hotel. If you’re traveling with a family, this is the only way to go. It’s worth the extra expense over the so-called bargain hotels where you can never get comfortable or speak above a whisper.

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