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Tour Columbus, Indiana On Your Cell Phone

As a social media consultant and technology geek, I’m always looking for interesting ways to use technology in new ways. The city of Columbus, Indiana (Bartholomew County) has found a new way for visitors to do just that: you can use your cell phone to call recorded messages that describe 11 architectural structures around the downtown area.

Columbus, Indiana is a mecca of modern architecture, with gorgeous buildings by architecture rock stars like I. M. Pei and Eliel Saarinen, or a beautiful glass display by Dale Chiluly.

You can take the tour by buying a set of keepsake cards for $10, and dialing the super secret phone number on the card, enter the access codes for each stop, and you can listen to a recorded narrative about each of the 11 sites.

But the cards are more than just cards. They have a map, beautiful photos, and stories about how Columbus became an architectural wonderland. If you ever want to learn more about Columbus’ architectural history, this can be a great way to do it at your own pace, in your own order, and with time to stop for lunch

Listen to a two-minute audio sample about Eliel Saarinen’s First Christian Church.

You can pick up your commemorative cards, and kick off your cell phone tour, at the Columbus Visitors Center, 506 Fifth Street, Columbus, Indiana.

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