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Follow the “Tenderloin Trail” across Hamilton County

As best as I can gather (from a quick Google search), Indiana does not have an official state food. However, if you asked people on the street what is the official sandwich of Indiana, my guess is that the majority of them would say the breaded pork tenderloin.

The pounded-thin, heavily-breaded, deep-fried, sandwich-as-big as-your-head that was created in 1908 by Nick’s Kitchen in Huntington, Indiana has such a place in Hoosier cuisine that the folks in Hamilton County have created an entire promotion around it.

The “Tenderloin Trail,” which is part of the county’s Chow Town! Indiana campaign, maps out 20 eateries where you can try a tasty tenderloin. Click here to see a map of participating restaurants. Several of them (marked on the map with a star) are offering specials and discounts on tenderloin sandwiches every Tuesday from June 22 through August 10.

Of course, there’s more than tenderloin in Hamilton County, Indiana. For other Chow Town! dining options, click here.

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