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Remember Our Veterans at the Museum of 20th Century Warfare

Celebrate Memorial Day this year by visiting the Museum of 20th Century Warfare at Fort Harrison State Park. This holiday is about more than cookouts or the Indy 500, so take a few hours this weekend to remember our veterans and the trials of war.

Located in the Camp Glenn area of the park. it features authentic and reproduction uniforms, weapons, artifacts and documents and seeks to honor our veterans. Learn the history of the wars fought in the last century by seeing and touching the equipment used in some of those battles.

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History comes to life at the museum’s battle reenactments. Be a part of the action by participating in the Battle of the Bulge or the Eastern Front at Fort Harrison. Wear the clothes, use the weapons and fight the war as if you were a part of it. Experience the intensity of battle firsthand.

The museum goes on the road every year by holding living history camps around the state, taking displays to schools and participating in the annual Indianapolis Air Show at Mt. Comfort Airport. Veterans travel to each event with them to tell their stories firsthand. They also host military film discussion groups and monthly seminars.

Museum hours are Wed.-Sun., 10am-6pm, or you can book a special tour by calling 317.845.0342. Honor our veterans this Memorial Day by stepping into their shoes and remembering their sacrifice.

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