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Morel Mushroom Festival at Brown County State Park

Who would think that such a wrinkled, little fungus would raise such a fuss among foodies and mushroom lovers. But mention Morel mushrooms to people, and they get a glazed look in their eyes, and their mouths begin to water.

If you’re nodding in agreement, you need to come to Brown County State Park’s 4th Annual Morel Mushroom Festival on Saturday, May 1, 2010.

Mushroom hunters will be able to participate in the fungal festivities by stopping at Morel Headquarters between 10 and 10:30. There, you can pick up an agenda, pick up the rules for the largest and smallest morel contest, get some geocaching coordinates, and stop by the arts and crafts fair.

The Hoosier Mountain Bike Association will be holding a clinic, naturalist Jim Eagleman will be giving a talk about the morel at the Nature Center Amphitheater, and you can even listen to some traditional Brown County music, performed by “Jack Morel and the Spores.”

Finally, if you just didn’t have any luck, or you didn’t feel like tromping around trying to find any mushrooms, the Friends of Brown County Park will be selling morels from 1 – 3 that day.

More information about the Morel Mushroom Festival is available at the DNR site.

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