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Indy Restaurant Review: WB Pizza

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WB Pizza

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Over the past couple of weeks my friends, Jenn and Jim mentioned WB Pizza to me and said, “You’ve gotta go there.”  I’m always eager to check out a restaurant and so Tuesday night, my parents, Jenn and Jim and I met for dinner at WB Pizza.

WB Pizza has been in business for ten years or so and I still can’t figure out why I haven’t been there before.  My parents and I were impressed with our server who was a wealth of information.  She gave us some background on WB Pizza and gave us the lowdown on the menu and specials.  We also found out that the owner of WB Pizza is from The
.  My Mom and her family are from The Region and we love pizza from The Region (including Hammond, IN and Schererville, IN)  We were excited…a guy from The Region making pizza for us has got to be a good thing.

On to the meal– some pictures to drool over…I had fun snapping photos and decided to put some of them together in a collage.

WB Pizza

pictures above left to right: chopped salad, supreme salad, sausage rolls, steak sandwich on an Asiago roll, ultra thin crust pepperoni pizza, and chocolate cheesecake


a closer look at the pizza: ultra thin crust pepperoni pizza


Salads: Our salads were made with fresh ingredients and served with homemade salad dressings, including the blue cheese dressing and celery seed dressing I ordered.  When I asked Jenn about her supreme salad she said, “Always consistent.  Crisp, fresh lettuce and vegetables.  They include black and kalamata olives which gives it an extra kick.” I was equally impressed with the chopped salad I ordered- not an ordinary salad at all.

Sausage Rolls: We ordered the rolls as an appetizer and they didn’t disappoint.  The sausage rolls and were delectable.  Thin crust, top quality sausage and cheese.  I especially liked that the crust was thin – it was similar to a calzone, but with much thinner crust.


Our waitress told us that all of the rolls are made in-house.  How impressive is that!

Jim ordered one of the daily specials, a steak sandwich on a homemade asiago roll and said, “The roll was amazing and the steak tender with hints of spice and cinnamon.  This is not a Philly style steak, it was one piece of meat.”

Pizza: WB makes Chicago-style deep dish pizza, thin crust and ultra thin crust pizza.  I’m  partial to ultra thin crust pizza (like many of the pizzas from The Region), so my parents and I ordered a 14 inch ultra thin crust pizza with pepperoni.  I asked for the pizza to be extra well done, because I like the crust to be a little charred.  We were very pleased with the results – homemade crust, sauce and a mixture of quality cheeses (I’m not sure of the exact cheese mixture, but I loved it).  Everything was genuinely homemade and there was a box of leftover pizza to fight over.

Dessert: I was almost too full for dessert but when the owner told us that he makes the
cheesecakes, we had to try a piece.  The chocolate cheesecake was luscious and not too chocolate-y and the perfect ending to a delightful meal.

WB Pizza has lots of interesting thing on the menu- including pastas and I’m so looking forward to my next trip.  Prices are very reasonable, a 14 inch cheese pizza starts at $12.75, but check the menu for more info.

Find out more information about WB Pizza:

WB Pizza (
6165 Allisonville Rd.
Indianapolis, IN 46220

*Bonus: If you live in the area, WB Pizza delivers (check the web site for more info),WB Pizza is smoke-free and serves beer and wine:) Stop in for lunch or dinner! I’m definitely going back!

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