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The Man behind the Presidency

Indiana State Museum currently features two great opportunities to learn about the man behind the Presidency with it’s new Lincoln exhibits.

I. Now through April 11, 2010, the Library of Congressí With Malice Toward None: The Abraham Lincoln Bicentennial Exhibition will be on display. Highlights include:

  • the Bible upon which Lincoln and, most recently, President Obama took the oath of office;
  • the contents of Lincolnís pockets the night he was assassinated;
  • letters, photographs, maps, sketches, political cartoons, period engravings, speeches and artifacts from Lincoln’s political career and presidency.
  • Signed copies of both the Emancipation Proclamation and the 13th Amendment will be on display during February; after February, they will rotate.

II. Now through July 25, 2010, With Charity for All: The Lincoln Financial Foundation Collection will be on display. The exhibit tells the story of Lincoln, the man. Since his birth on a farm in the Kentucky wilderness some 200 years ago, Lincoln lore has transformed him into an almost mythological figure. Highlighted artifacts instead paint a picture of how an ordinary man rose to become, perhaps, the greatest leader in American history.

Both exhibits are included with general admission. HOWEVER, timed-tickets are required now through April 11, 2010. To reserve timed-tickets call 317.232.1637 (Mon-Sat, 8:30am-5:30 pm; Sun, 11:30 am-5:30 pm). Special lectures, programs and events are planned during the run of both exhibits.

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