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Movie relives Miller v. Knicks rivalry

In the young days of my marriage, the Indianapolis Colts played second fiddle to the Indiana Pacers. Reggie Miller — not Peyton Manning — was the local sports hero.

It was the Pacer games that had us glued to our televisions. It was the Pacers that had my husband pacing the floor, scaring the dogs with his sudden outbursts of cheer or ridicule. And it was Reggie Miller leading the way for the blue and gold. And as much as Indiana loved Reggie Miller, it was the New York Knicks and their fans, including famed director Spike Lee, who hated him.

The story of that antagonistic relationship is told in a new and already lauded ESPN film, “Winning Time: Reggie Miller vs. The New York Knicks.” The film will air on ESPN on March 14. But any self-respecting Miller fan will catch it before then at its Conseco Fieldhouse debut in Indianapolis on February 26 at 8pm.

Shown commercial-free, the Conseco Fieldhouse screening will benefit the Pacers Foundation, the People’s Burn Foundation and Riley Hospital for Children. Tickets can be purchased for $10 in advance or at the door for $12.

For more information, including a trailer of the film, click here.

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