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I’ve Got a Crush on Bloomington, Indiana

Indiana Tourism welcomes today’s guest blogger, Aimée MacArthur:

Aimée MacArthurAimée MacArthur enjoys cooking, going out to restaurants and traveling. In her spare time, she writes the weekly blog, Indianapolis Amy ( about food, fun and life in the greater Indianapolis area. You can also find her on Twitter, @indianapolisamy

I was in a bit of a funk lately- really. For a while there was no sun in sight and I was starting to wear a “uniform” at work: long cardigan sweater, black pants and boring black shoes (yawn).  I hate to be cold and no matter how many times I reached for a skirt, tights and boots… I ended up with the cardigan and pants.

Last Saturday I had a big cup of coffee and decided to shake off my blah mood.  I put on a trendier outfit (chocolate wrap top, jeans tucked into knee high brown boots) and chucked my blah (& yes, grouchy) attitude and decided to drive to Bloomington, Indiana.  I didn’t have any set plans or agenda, but the sun was shining and I felt inspired.

I didn’t attend Indiana University and have only been to downtown Bloomington a handful of times (I’m kind of shocked about that fact.) and don’t know my way around.  So naturally, I got lost.  I found my bearings (with the help of my phone). Here are a few of the highlights of a few hours in Bloomington.


Hello Bloomington!


Kitsch with an Attitude

UrbanOutfitters There’s only one Urban Outfitters in Indiana and it’s in Bloomington.  I’ve always been a fan of the casual, yet funky style- I spotted cheap sunglasses, colorful handbags, green cowboy boots (I had my eye on them but didn’t buy them- yet) and a number of accessories to bring my wardrobe up to speed.  Some of the clothes are definitely for the 20 year old college student (hello! ultra short mini skirts)- but I spotted a lot of clothes that a 30 something (me) would wear.

Indiana Grown

Farm Bloomington

We didn’t have dinner plans but I remembered hearing about FARMbloomington (specializes in using local ingredients) and it was early and we were able to snag one of the tables in the bar.  I enjoyed the atmosphere (hip-casual- if that’s a word) and it’s the kind of restaurant you can have a few drinks and an appetizer or settle in for dinner.  No pressure.  I like that.



French fries

fries with chili flakes, garlic and parmesan (Ok- I was loving these fries and it was difficult to stop eating them. Really difficult)


FARMBloomington Ribs

FARM has a listing of specials on their blackboard and we went with the ribs (I’m crazy for any kind of barbecue), macaroni and cheese and kale.  The ribs were tender (fell off the bone) and topped with fried onions.  The macaroni and cheese was crunchy on top (love that) and creamy and I believe was made with truffle oil.

We didn’t get dessert (I was way too full) and on the way out, I grabbed a brunch menu.  I’m always looking for a new brunch place.  I enjoyed my evening at FARM and I’m looking forward to my next visit (lots of things to choose from including pizzas, and other specials, like fried chicken).  FARMbloomington, 108 E. Kirkwood, Bloomington, IN (812) 323-0002.

Wolf Moon- I couldn’t get over the amazing full moon and the sky filled with stars.  The moon followed me from Bloomington and the whole way home and I felt I could’ve been a stargazer anywhere, like Sedona, Arizona or Islamorada, Florida.  There’s something about staring out at a full moon and a starry night…anything seems possible.

Dear Bloomington,

Looking forward to seeing you again.  xxoo, Indianapolis Amy

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