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Tea and Coffee Houses of Valparaiso, Indiana

If you’re a coffee or tea lover, then Valparaiso, Indiana is a place you want to visit. With Valparaiso University located in the town, it is understandable that there would be a few coffee houses, but Valparaiso is literally overflowing with them. Valparaiso is sure to have the perfect coffee house for you. Here are 5 of the best coffee houses in Valparaiso.

  • Uptown Café. This coffee shop just opened this past January. They offer a wide range of unique teas and coffees. They also make all of their lattes and fancy coffee drinks with Sweet Bird brand syrup. Uptown Café also offers a very impressive menu for being a coffee shop, from delectable pastries to baked macaroni and cheese, there is sure to be something yummy for every costumer. Their website:
  • Cornucopia Coffee. This unique coffee and tea shop channels Central Perk, the coffee house from the hit television show friends. There are inviting sofas and warmly painted walls. The shop is located off the square in town and is located in a historic building in town. The décor of this shop lets the character of the building show, with exposed brick walls, tin ceiling, and beautiful hardwood floors.  They sell a wide array of delicious coffees and teas. They also offer various pastries and delicious sandwiches. Their website:
  • Evelyn Bay Coffee. This coffee and tea shop sells Evelyn Bay brand coffee. The also offer a vast menu and delicious gelato. The interior is warm and inviting, with leather couches surrounding a circular fireplace. If you are interested in renting a room, for an event, they have a very nice one. Their website is:
  • Blackbird Café. This coffee house offers a vast array of coffees and teas as well. The specialty of this shop is their baked goods and soups. This shop is the smallest of the shops listed, offering a warm and cozy feeling.  I can honestly say that Blackbird offers the best macaroons that I have ever tasted. They do not currently have a website, but they do have a Facebook page.
  • Isabella Bean. This shop is located on the square in downtown Valparaiso. This coffee shop specializes in Vegan options in everything on the menu, from coffee and tea to the food items as well. All of their soups are homemade daily.  This charming coffee house offers a charming and fresh atmosphere. Their website is:

All of these coffee house have groups that meet and other happenings. All of these coffee houses have events calendars. Next time you are in Valparaiso, and need a jolt of caffeine or need a warm scone there are plenty of places to stop.

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