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Looking for a Bargain? Try Toto Northern Indiana’s Bargain Capital

You ever wonder what happens to the goods on a semi-truck when there’s an accident and an insurance claim? Well, most of the time those damaged goods will end up in Toto, Indiana, the bargain capital of Northern Indiana.

Toto is an interesting place. It exists solely as a shopping town that provides good deals to passersby.

By far the biggest store in Toto is Bailey’s Discount Center. It’s a massive warehouse like structure that is filled with goods from all over the world.

Need a tool? Need a bathroom sink? Looking for a new lamp? Need a couch? Then Bailey’s is the place to go. It’s home to all kinds of deals and even if you’re not looking to buy anything, chances are you’ll leave the store with something in your hands.

It’s such a shopping destination that there are many stores within the store, including a computer store, cell phone store, resale shop and an Oragne Julius Dairy Queen.

Once your done with Bailey’s head down the street to Richard’s of Toto – which is another ‘fell off the truck’ type store with goods for any taste. They even have a restaurant inside that has delicious homecooked food. Across the street there is an arts and crafts mall and a charming produce stand.

We always make a trip out to Toto right before holidays to stock on everything that we’ll need for the holidays. It’s a great place to pick up cheap lights, wrapping paper and holiday decorations.

How do you get there? Here’s a map to Toto, Indiana:

Map to Bailey’s in Toto

Toto Information Page

Bailey’s Discount Center Website

Richard’s of Toto

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