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An Easy Walk in the Dunes for Birders and Hikers Alike


My wife and I were driving up the Indiana coast on a nice Saturday drive and we had to stop to take the dog for a walk. Being familiar with the area, we stopped at the Kemil Beach parking lot.

We saw that there was path and that it was pretty short, so we decided to go for a quick adventure with the dog and see where it took us. It was a wonderful bout of spontaneity and we’re so glad we did it.


The Dune Ridge Trail, as it’s called, is very short at only .6 of a mile. It’s a circular path that takes you on a bird themed tour of the national park that provides fantastic views.

The terrain is mostly flat until it takes you downhill, then back up the hill. The climb is definitely worth it for the view you are presented with when you get to the top. When you get to the top, you are presented with a high view of the park and on a clear day, you can see Northwest Indiana spread out before you.


It’s a view that you should really experience in about a month, once all the leaves have turned and you will be presented with a multicolored blanket beneath your feet as you look south across Northwest Indiana.

While you probably won’t break a sweat walking this trail, it’s still a good idea to be prepared. Take plenty of water and wear comfortable shoes as the terrain can be slightly uneven at times.

If you’re a birder, be sure to take good binoculars and if photography is your thing you will be in for a treat. The entrance to the trail is located at the Kemil Beach Parking lot. See the map below for the precise location.


Happy Trails!

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