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My Indiana Summer – Vote for Your Favorite!

Photo #1

Photo #1

Photo #1

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  1. anne roberts says:

    Love this one because it does what good photography should: it freezes a moment in time so you can reflect on it. You don’t feel the adrenaline rush they must have experienced during this race, but you feel the peacefulness of the water on a summer day.

  2. Brett Overmyer says:

    Great pic Greg! I used to race those C-scows at Maxinkucee. That is a great day to spend the day.

  3. Mary O'Connor Ball says:

    I like the symmetry of the three sails and the lure of the lake on a hot summer day

  4. Mary O'Connor Ball says:

    I love the symmetry of the three sails and the lure of a lake on a hot summer day!

  5. Toni Szabo says:

    great photo!, i enjoyed looking at all the boats they reminded me of all the tallships.

  6. Skip Thomas says:

    This photo conquers the challenge of stopping time with great composition. A beautiful well framed picture!

  7. Cindy Rice says:

    Awesome picture!!!!! Brings back years of fond memories and anticipation of summers to come on Lake Max.

  8. Rpberta Clapp says:

    Most people think of farms and small towns when they think of Indiana. This shows another side of Indiana. This is a place I would go if I wanted to sail or watch. Something for everyone.

  9. Ben says:

    I really like this shot because it’s unorthodox. One doesn’t usually pair sailing with Indiana. Really makes me want to get out onto a lake.

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