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Corydon, Indiana and The Kintner House Inn

Indianapolis wasn’t always our state capital. It was the capital of the Indiana Territory from 1813 – 1816. After we became a state, it remained the capital until 1825. (Vincennes was actually our first state capital.)

The little town of 3,000 people lies about 30 miles west of Louisville on I-64. It’s a must-see for any history buff., having played a small part in many of our nation’s significant historic events.

  • Corydon was founded by General William Henry Harrison, later to become the ninth President of the United States.
  • During the American Revolution, this part of Indiana was originally captured from the British by George Rogers Clark.
  • It’s the site of the only Civil War battle fought in Indiana. Brigadier General John Hunt Morgan brought 2,500 soldiers to disrupt Union communications. He defeated the Union Army and won control of the town.
  • General Morgan made the Kintner House Inn his headquarters following the Battle of Corydon.
  • Corydon sent 60 soldiers called the Yellow Jackets to fight with General Harrison during the Battle of Tippecanoe.
  • Josiah Lincoln, Abraham Lincoln’s uncle, made his home in Harrison County, and is buried in Blue River Township.
  • The Harrison County 4-H Fair is the state’s oldest continuous running fair.
  • When I used to travel as a salesman to southern Indiana, rather than staying in nearby Louisville, I always checked into the Kintner House Inn.

    I always asked for the Drummers Room, as a nod to the salesmen who came before me. A drummer was a traveling salesman who carried his wares in wooden drums, traveling along the Ohio River on a river boat. The drummers would always stop in Corydon and set out their merchandise at the Kintner House for the area merchants.

    The room was quiet and cozy, with a nearly-200-year-old brass bed, a cherry and walnut rolltop desk, and its own bathroom. (In fact, all of the rooms at the Kintner House Inn have their own private bathrooms.) The room goes for roughly $69 – $79 per night, making it a pleasant alternative to the area hotels.

    The 15-room bed & breakfast is located right in downtown Corydon, making it an ideal place for visiting the historic sites, visiting one of the area casinos, or taking in the fall foliage in October.

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