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A Grand Day Out: Shipshewana

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Shipshewana is famous for it’s massive flea market, which is always worth a visit, but there is so much more to do there. This past weekend my family and I had the pleasure of experiencing the joy of Shipshewana on a beautiful spring Saturday.

The Blue Gate

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The Blue Gate restaurant has the best traditional Amish style food around. They have family style meals or you can order from a menu. Their dining rooms are immaculate and their staff is always friendly. The food is hearty and delicious. If you want the best chocolate cake around, the Blue Gate has it. You’ll be so stuffed you might need to be carried out on a stretcher.

Davis Mercantile

This massive barn/mall features a wide variety of niche stores. My favorite is the music instrument store. There is also many old fashioned clothing stores, candy counters and restaurants. Worth a visit just for the giant tree trunk that is a the core of building.

Downtown Shipshewana

Downtown Shipshewana is small, quaint and features an excellent array of niche shops. My favorite is the gaming themed store that has a huge selection of board games and puzzles. There are also ample crafts and country kitsch stores. Also, it’s a great place to pick up Amish made quality furniture.

The Menno-hof Museum

If you’re interested in learning the history of the Amish and Mennonites, then this is the place to go. The full featured museum will take you through the whole Amish journey, tell you all about their culture and give you an enriching experience. Perfect if you want to know why the Amish are the way that they are.

Yoder’s Department Store

No trip to Shipshewana is complete without a stop at Yoder’s Department store. Here you can buy traditional Amish clothing, cloth, products, furniture, food and so much more. It’s definitely worth a visit, you’ll always find something interesting.

Pleasant Amish Country Drive

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The best part of visiting Amish country is going for a drive through Indiana’s back roads so that you can explore the bucolic life that the Amish lead. So, step off the beaten path and go for a drive through the Amish back roads. Below is my favorite route. Go south until you get to Route 20. Take a right and then another right at the first major street you come to (which is N 850 W). Proceed north on 850 W and you’ll see traditional Amish farms and businesses. Feel free to explore other back roads, all the roads are on a grid so it’s easy to find your way back downtown.

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If you’re interested in visiting the famous Shipshewana flea market, it’s open every Tuesday and Wednesday starting May 5th until October 28th.

Visit the Shipshewana Website for more information on the area. Also keep in mind that many stores and restaurants are closed on Sundays and many businesses close around 6pm, so be sure to get into town early.

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