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Fountain Square offers tastes of the world

I recently went to lunch with some co-workers who wanted to try out a new Thai restaurant in Fountain Square, a resurging neighborhood and city-identified cultural district located southeast of downtown Indianapolis. Now, I like to eat, but this was my first experience with Thai and I was a little apprehensive.

Not to worry, it was delish! I’m not sure what the soup was — lemongrass, maybe? — but it had a nice little kick without being overpowering. Then I tried the classic Pad Thai with chicken for the entree. The bean sprouts and chopped peanuts gave the perfect crunch. I washed it all down with green tea. I felt so cosmopolitan, this Midwestern girl diving into such international cuisine.

If you’re craving international fare in Central Indiana, Fountain Square is a good place to get it. You can choose from:

  • Thai at Siam Square
  • Mexican at El Arado, which my co-workers and I have dubbed “Muy Pronto” in honor of the 10+ months that a sign hung on the building saying that the restaurant would be opening muy pronto
  • Greek at Santorini’s — please don’t go home without trying the galaktabouriko for dessert!
  • Egyptian at Luxor
  • Italian at Gusto!
  • American Greasy Spoon at The Peppy Grill — open 24 hours and a regular choice for many of the Square’s precinct police officers
  • American contemporary at the Shelbi Street Cafe & Bistro — I’m not a salad girl typically, but I have a hard time choosing between the Gingham Salad and the Pecan-Crusted Goat Cheese Salad.

Check out the Fountain Square website for a complete listing of all the restaurants and other destinations that make Fountain Square worth a visit.

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