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Miles for Milk

Judging from the cars filing into Eagle Creek Park, the place was packed on a recent Saturday visit. And yet, I think I may have seen more deer than people. Tucked away on the northwest side of Indianapolis, Eagle Creek Park’s size and layout allows it to be popular without being overpopulated. I traveled there to run. The natural setting provided a nice change of scenery and the handful of certified road courses made tracking my miles a bit easier. Seeing wildlife up close was a bonus. Several deer along my route simply stood by and chewed fallen leaves as I passed just a few feet away. Usually it’s the deer that are running and the people that watch. After a successful run, I made a stop at nearby Traders Point Creamery for a treat. Milk may seem an odd choice for a thirst quencher, but it works for the winning drivers at the Indy 500 each year. Besides, it was more about the reward than the recovery. The deer and should-be-world-famous chocolate milk made the run well worth the early morning effort.

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