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If you like Native American history, then I have two great places for you to explore – Mounds State Park (Anderson) and Angel Mounds State Historic Site (Evansville). Both sites are early Native American earth mound formations, also known as earthworks. The mounds are believed to have been used for religious ceremonies and rituals.

At Mounds State Park, the formations are surrounded by thick woods that offer several leisure trails. Other amenities include modern nature center (detailing the mounds), picnic areas, campground and swimming facility.

Nationally recognized as one of the best preserved prehistoric (1050-1450AD) culture sites, Angel Mounds was the regional center of the Middle Mississippian people. Explore over 600 acres of fields and woodlands. Angel Mounds is also an active Indiana University excavation site, some of the dig finds are displayed in the Interpretive Center.

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