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Badlands isn’t for the Faint-of-Heart

One gorgeous fall Saturday morning my brother and I drove out to meet a group of his VehiCROSS (Isuzu) buddies to challenge the Badlands in Attica. It was packed – ATVs, dirt bikes, 4-wheelers, SUVs – you name it, it was there. After the admission gate you cross a desert (not really, but it looks like it), here is where the dirt bikes and ATVs play, to get to the woods and abandon quarry.

Here’s where the big boys play – climbing (and decending) steep hills, rocky inclines and wading through water hazards! There is great fun in watching others attempt it, too. Several of the party would get stuck in precarious positions. For example, one got stuck as it was trying to descend a very steep hill – it was cool! It looked like it was going to topple rear over nose to the bottom. It didn’t – thank goodness!

Now I know why the experienced bring their vehicles on trailers – they are guaranteed a ride home if the one doesn’t survive the day. If you haven’t tried it…you got to! :)

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