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Good Food in a Small College Town

Cerulean Restaurant at Winona Lake - Warsaw, IN

Cerulean Restaurant at Winona Lake - Warsaw, IN

If you’ve ever been to the small college town of Warsaw, Indiana, you might know a few interesting facts about Warsaw. For example, Warsaw is the home to Grace Theological Seminary, it’s known as the “orthopedic capital of the world” and just last year, the new A&E documentary, American Teen, which takes a look at high school students during their senior year, was filmed in Warsaw.

However, you may not know that in the past few years the Village at Winona Lake has sprung up as a great area with unique shops and restaurants. Literally minutes from downtown Warsaw, Winona Lake has been a quick retreat for citizens of Warsaw for years.

One of my favorite new additions at the Village at Winona Lake is Cerulean Restaurant (pictured). Cerulean opened two years ago and serves an unique mix of Mediterranean and Asian cuisine. Plus, their sushi is top-notch! We actually mentioned Cerulean in our 2009  Indiana Travel Guide (Order a copy here, or check out the PDF version here).

Have you ever been to Warsaw?

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