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Bloomington Hot Spots

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As our senior year came to a close, my friends and I tried to spend as much time together enjoying Bloomington, our home for the last four years. One night, we decided to take a drive in my friend’s car (she has an old convertible that’s great for driving around) and drive to all of our memorable spots in Bloomington. With the top down we set out and drove to the famous Kirkwood St. where we had many late nights together at bars including Kilroys, Nicks, Upstairs, Bears, Blue Bird and our favorite Kilroys Sports Bar. We then drove by the Indiana Memorial Union, the dorms (Foster, Briscoe and McNutt) where we had lived freshmen year, and around all of the Greek houses (Jordan Ave, Jordan Extension and 3rd Street) where we had spent a lot of our time. Some of us got teary eyed and sad at the thought of leaving a place where we have had so much fun. We soon grew hungry and stopped by Uncle D’s Pizza for a quick snack (we visited Uncle D’s Pizza most late nights). We got it to go and proceeded to Griffy Lake, a nice chill spot for IU students. By this time it was dark out as we drove through the woods to the lake. The lake was pretty in the dark and some fellow students sat there having a campfire and fishing. We sat there with the top down for about an hour talking about life, our great memories, and ideas for the future. It was a special night and a good last memory of Bloomington and all the beauty it offers.

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