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Showalter FountainI just recently graduated from Bloomington in May, and let me just say that I miss it already. The experience I had in the last four years in Bloomington was unforgettable. Reading the blog posts just takes me right back to all of the wonderful memories my friends and I shared there.

One special memory that I will never forget was from the infamous Showalter Fountain. I was a sorority girl, and with the sorority we had many traditions that we would pass on throughout the years, one involving the Showalter Fountain. Every year, around October, the seniors would unexpectedly interrupt the chapter meeting and grab all of the underclassmen without telling them where they were going. We drove them to the Showalter Fountain; everyone held hands and jumped in with all of our clothes on! Being it was October, the water was not necessarily warm, but with all of the excitement and laughter, we never seemed to notice the ice cold water and our sopping wet clothes.

Bloomington was my home for four wonderful years and I can honestly say I had the time of my life. It is a place of unchanged history. My parents went to school there over 30 years ago, and every time they come back, they feel like they never left. There are so many more great things to experience in Bloomington, I will be sure to add some more personal stories to give you a feel of what the experience is really like.

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